The Steak Bed

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Let your succulent ribeye rest on this steak bed from The Oyster Bed. It is made from aluminum metal alloy to absorb and retain heat so that your steak stays warm while it rests.

This sizzler plate has a fluid channel that allows the steak's juices to flow and puddle so you can enjoy every last bit. Around the edge of this oval plate there are irregularly shaped scalloped edges that resemble an oyster for a decorative touch to any table. This plate is heat safe up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can be used no matter the temperature of your steak.

13-1/4" L x 9-2/5" W x 1-2/5" H

Cookware facts: Oyster Bed metal cookware products are durable and lightweight. They heat foods evenly like cast iron, but without the rust and weight. They can withstand extreme heat (1000 Fahrenheit) and extreme cold to prepare hot or cold dishes.  The non-toxic metal is FDA approved and meets CA Prop 65 compliance standards. 

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