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Discover the serene beauty and powerful intention-setting practice with our Prayer Bowl accompanied by a curated set of intention cards. This elegantly crafted bowl is designed not only as a piece of decor but as a vessel for your deepest prayers, wishes, and intentions.

A perfect addition to any space dedicated to mindfulness, meditation, or prayer.

Each Prayer Bowl comes with a collection of beautifully designed intention cards. These cards provide a tangible way to articulate and focus your thoughts, dreams, and prayers. Whether you seek guidance, peace, strength, or gratitude, writing down your intentions on these cards and placing them into the bowl is a powerful ritual that symbolizes surrendering your wishes to the Lord. This act of setting intentions can be a deeply personal experience, fostering a sense of hope, clarity, and purpose.

How to use -   Write: Using your Prayer Card starters, write the person's name whom is in need of prayers.   Collect:  Collect all of your prayer intentions in your Prayer Bow.  Pray: Each day, fine quiet time with the Lord to lift up all those in your Prayer Bowl.  

Pickup available at 1800 Kaliste Saloom Rd

Usually ready in 24 hours