Nouvelle Candle - Eros

Nouvelle Candle - Eros

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We ❤️ locally made products! Made in the heart of Southern Louisiana, Nouvelle candles are one of our all time favorites! These beautiful decorative containers are filled with a vast array of fragrance selections from exotic to traditional


EROS- This enticing, fascinating fragrance exudes the soaring scents of Freesia and Orange Blossom, balanced with Patchouli, Bergamot and Cypress. Sensual, warm, and irresistible.


Large Signature Urn: 

120-125 Hour Burn Time
5" High, 5" Diameter
24 Ounces

Travel Tin:

35-40 Hour Burn Time.
2" High, 3.125" Diameter.

Large Signature Glass:

55-60 Hour Burn Time
3.5" High, 3.25" Diameter


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