BuDhaGirl All Weather Bangle - Three Queens Clear Crystal

Size: Small



BuDhaGirl celebrates its ten year anniversary by creating a collection based on reflection, and on the meditation that no man crosses the same river twice.

Each beautifully translucent orb is filled with tiny, clear crystal chain reminiscent of tiny water droplets, then Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold Lotus Three Queen beads seal these orbs for an ultra luxurious, mindfully glamorous wristcape.

Fine jewelry artists set our beautiful Lotus Three Queen bead in a modern trio of golds; yellow gold to capture the sun, white gold to capture the moon, and rose gold to capture the dawn.

It is said that water has memory and through our Three Queens All Weather Bangles® we invite you create a beautiful wristscape that guides you to hold your daily memories that will become your story, your journey, of a life well lived.

Pickup available at 1800 Kaliste Saloom Rd

Usually ready in 24 hours