Book - Clovis Crawfish and Petit Papillon

Book - Clovis Crawfish and Petit Papillon

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    Louisiana's own Clovis Crawfish, whose adventures have delighted children since 1962, is back again in Clovis Crawfish and Petit Papillon. And all his favorite bayou friends-characters as lovable as Clovis himself-are with him to share in the mystery and beauty of metamorphosis.

    On the bayou Bertile Butterfly has a baby. Clovis and his friends are surprised to see that the baby looks more like a worm than a butterfly. As they watch the baby grow, they discover the stages of a young caterpillar's development. When danger strikes, the ingenious Clovis becomes a hero, and the caterpillar finally emerges as Petit Papillon (the little butterfly).

    By Mary Alice Fontenot, Illustrated by Keith Graves 

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