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Traveling in Style

Set out on the right foot for your next vacation with one of our classic lines of luggage and accessories. At Caroline & Company, we offer various luggage sizes, from tote to carry-on to suitcase – we are your one-stop shop for all your traveling needs in Louisiana. Whether you're seeking the timeless Southern look with a handcrafted, custom monogrammed bag or a hard shell suitcase for international travel, you're sure to find what you're looking for. We offer color options and monogramming for specific products, which has quickly become a top-selling graduation gift for a more personal touch. For assistance picking out your next go-to suitcase, contact us today!

Luggage Buying Guide

Caroline & Company offers the following tidbits of advice for your next luggage purchase:

  • For those who must see things to believe them, your luggage can be aesthetically pleasing and as unique as you. You can opt for a bold pattern or color to capture your personality.
  • Consider a tote – also known as a travel purse – to swap out for when traveling. These offer plenty of pockets and compartments to keep you organized as you travel.
  • To get out of the airport quickly, consider just packing a carry-on. If you have longer legs or appreciate the extra room, opt for a soft-side luggage carry-on.
  • Are you traveling for business? It would help if you had a laptop bag to keep all of your information safe from bumps along the way.

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For more purchasing assistance or recommendations for your next piece of luggage, please contact us.

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